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Extra-Firming Eye Cream

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Extra-Firming Day

Multiple links to lasting firmness

The key ingredients in Extra-Fiming Day, organic green banana and lemon thyme extracts, help to strengthen and reconnect all the elements that ensure firmer skin*: collagen fibers, elastic fibers and dermal cells. They encourage the synthesis of the fibers, help protect them and maintain the links that join them together, to fight skin slackening, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firm the oval of the face and restore more defined features.

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After 4 weeks**:

  • 90% Skin is more elastic
  • 85% Skin looks firmer
  • 80% Wrinkles are less visible

*In vitro tests. **Consumer test 102 - Asian women.


Green banana Helps to increase the production of collagen fibers.

Extra-Firming Night

Protection of skin Renewal potential at golden timing

The regular renewal of the epidermis helps maintain a youthful-looking face and prevents the deepening of wrinkles. Clarins has identified three key proteins involved in protecting the environment of stem cells, thereby prolonging their life span. Rice peptides encourage the production of a α1-integrin and β6-integrin, proteins from the environment stem cells. It also stimulates the production of surviving, a protein which helps cells survive. Lotus extract helps preserve the evenness and luminosity of the sin.

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After 4 weeks*:

  • 96% Skin is bouncier
  • 84% Wrinkles are less visible
  • 90% Skin is more luminous

*Consumer tests. 106 Asian women.


Lotus Lotus extract helps to preserve the evenness and luminosity of the skin.

Extra-Firming Neck

Anti-wrinkle rejuvenating action

Lightweight and non-oily, this cream help prevent soft, comfortable skin and a youthful-looking neck. Clarins Laboratories have incorporated the Extra-Firming Complex in this formula, so that day after day, the neck appears firmer, softer and smoother, giving you more elegance and confidence.

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Proven effectiveness*:

  • 96% More hydrated skin
  • 93% Smoother skin
  • 88% Softer skin

*Consumer test - 106 Asian women – 4 weeks.


Sunflower Sunflower auxins help smooth the look of lines and wrinkles with an immediate "lifting" effect.

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