Christmas Make-Up Collection

Beauty that shines bright
for the festive season!

Your routine for a make-up look that shines from morning to night



    Reveal your inner radiance and glide across your cheekbones with your fingertips for a dream-like glow. The highlight of chic? It’s golden case is decorated with a shower of stars.

  • 2GLOW UP

    Golden Top Coat

    Adorn your lashes with golden sparkle. Instant definition brush allows for quick and easy application. Its tapered shape follows the lashes’ natural curve and defines them to perfection.



    Instant Light
    Lip Comfort Oil

    A cocktail of nourishing oils combined with light-reflecting fine pearls to comfort the lips and make them shine. Limited Edition Red Berry Glam shade offers an ultra-glossy shade of red with added pigment to reflect the light and give the appearance of a fuller natural lip.

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