My Clarins Starter Kit

My Clarins Starter Kit

Start Your 2 Weeks Skin Goal with Us! Product details


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Product details

Start Your 2 Weeks Skin Goal with Us!

Goodness in, nasties out: a hydrating starter kit powered by nature.


Set consist of:
My Clarins RE-MOVE Purifying Cleansing Gel (15ml) x 1

This foaming cleansing gel effectively eliminates impurities and excess sebum that cause blemishes. It has an icy blue texture that suits even the most sensitive skin and reduces the drying effect of hard water. Your skin is clean, purified and balanced.

My Clarins My Clarins RE-BOOST Refreshing Hydrating Cream (15ml) x 1
Gives your skin a rosy glow and makes signs of fatigue a distant memory. Your skin is protected against everyday stressors, it's invigorated and radiant. The complexion is fresh and the texture smooth from morning till night.

My Clarins RE-CHARGE Refreshing Sleep Mask (15ml) x 1
A night time herbal tea that refreshes, plumps, and recharges the skin so you wake up looking beautiful! 
A relaxing scent that's soothing for the skin and softly tucks it into bed. Your skin is replenished with water. 
Velvety smooth, refreshed, supple, soft and plumped... Your skin is more beautiful in the morning.
My Clarins CLEAR-OUT Target Imperfections (3ml) x 1
The targeted purifying skincare that dries up and visibly reduces blemishes. The refreshing gel texture soothes overheated skin. Your skin is clean and relieved. Non-greasy formula.

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