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Clarins Singapore: Night Care for Face

Our skin repairs itself while we sleep, hence a good night skincare routine is essential to a well-nourished complexion. Pampering your skin while you sleep allows you to kick start your day with hydrated and restored skin.

If you’re looking for a night moisturiser for dry skin that treats fine lines, our Extra-Firming Night Comfort Cream is the recommended choice for you. It’s one of the most sought-after night creams in Singapore, as features will appear contoured and sculpted after use. This Clarins night cream firms dry skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles as you sleep, so you’ll wake up to a rejuvenated complexion in the morning.

Looking for a brightening night cream? The Super Restorative Night Cream suits women over 45 years old and is an intensive anti-ageing night moisturiser that gently removes dark spots and promotes an even-looking complexion. Formulated with organic Harugana extracts, this brightening night cream leaves your complexion radiant and supple while restoring skin density at all levels.

Our Multi-Active Night Cream is must-have in your anti-ageing night skincare routine as it contains encapsulated Teasel and Ginger Lily extracts to revitalise aged skin and treat fine lines.

The White Plus Targeted Spot Brightener is a roll-on treatment that effectively reduces dark spots. Pair this with the White Plus Brightening Revive Night Mask, a soothing gel that can be used as an overnight mask to diminish dark spots and even out the skin tone. Your skin will appear luminous and reinvigorated after use.

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