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What is a make-up remover?

Everybody loves make-up, but cleansing your face with a facial wash isn’t enough to remove the traces of make-up. You need a good make-up remover, especially waterproof eye make-up remover for that mascara or smoky eye. A good make-up remover instantly eliminates the cosmetic residue and toxins that a facial cleanser can’t.

Why use a makeup remover?

Going to bed with make-up is really bad for the skin, often resulting in clogged pores, acne, excess sebum and other blemishes. It’s important to remove your make-up daily to prevent your skin from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Wearing make-up overnight restricts your skin from breathing, which also causes it to develop signs of fatigue and premature ageing.

Did you know that sunscreen is considered a form of make-up? That’s why skincare experts recommend removing your sunscreen with a gentle make-up remover before using a facial cleanser.

Types of eye makeup remover

Eye make-up removers are specially formulated for the most stubborn eye make-up, namely your waterproof mascara or eyeliner. There are two popular types of eye make-up removers in the market: oil-based and water-based.

Oil-based eye make-up removers are effective in removing make-up and impurities, but are not recommended for users with oily or combination skin, as they may trigger breakouts and excess sebum production.

Water-based eye make-up removers are the preferred option among many users these days. They are equally good at getting rid of stubborn eye make-up, and are very gentle on all skin types, including dry, sensitive and combination skin.

Clarins offers two plant-based eye make-up removers that you can purchase online. The Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover gently removes make-up and dirt while soothing tired eyelids and fortifying your lashes. Thanks to the help of Aloe Vera and Cornflower extracts, this water-based texture is suitable for the most sensitive eyes and contact lens users.

For heavy-duty eye make-up such as mascara and waterproof eyeshadow, use the Instant Eye Make-Up Remover to thoroughly cleanse all traces of eye make-up without stinging the eyes or irritating the skin. Made with soothing Chamomile, this formula instantly lifts away every bit of make-up, dirt and impurities from the eye area, while softening the skin and strengthening your lashes. Instead of using cotton pads, remove your make-up with our dual-sided Reusable Make-Up Remover Glove. This eco-friendly glove is designed with smart materials that contribute to a clear conscience and healthy skin. The beige side removes eye make-up, while the white side removes make-up from the rest of the face.

Face vs Eye makeup remover

Most people make the mistake of using face make-up removers for the eyes as well. While a general face make-up remover gets rid of foundation, lipstick and other cosmetic residue, it’s not really designed to eliminate water-resistant eye make-up, which requires a special formula that’s both effective and gentle to the delicate eye area.

The skin around the eyes is much thinner compared to the rest of your face, so avoid excessive rubbing to prevent fine lines and premature wrinkles. Using a dedicated eye make-up remover not only gets rid of the eye make-up in a few quick sweeps, but it also strengthens your lashes and doesn’t irritate the eyes.

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