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Start your journey to beautiful skin with our Clarins Beauty Coaches and receive a personalized beauty advice, as if you are in the store.

Phoebe Goh

Phoebe Goh

With her warm attitude and detailed consultation, Phoebe is always greatly appreciated by all her customers.

Area of Expertise:
Skincare is my true love.

The Clarins product I cannot live without:
V Shaping Facial Lift – A must-have in my face contouring regime for a v-shaped face!

Ask me anything about:
Your personalised beauty routine, beauty tips and how to achieve the skin that you desire.

What you will get from me:
Skincare advice on how to look even more beautiful and look younger than your actual age.

Charmaine Khoo

Charmaine Khoo

Always ready to go the extra mile, Charmaine is highly regarded by our customers for her passion and unwavering dedication to Clarins.

Area of Expertise:
Skincare problem solving with solutions.

The Clarins product I cannot live without:
Double Serum – After using for 7 days, I noticed my skin was more radiant, supple and smooth!

Ask me anything about:
An everyday skincare routine, application methods, and how to get the best out of your skincare products at home.

What you will get from me:
An honest approach to beauty and skincare, inspired by a brand that helps everyone to be the best version of themselves.

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Highly Recommended

Personalised Beauty

Unique and personalised for you and your skin. A complete skin check-up with problem-solving solutions.

Personalised Beauty Essentials

Beautiful Eyes

Fast track your way to a total eye radiance with our eyes essentials for a visibly lifted eye contours and a brighter-looking eyes.

Beautiful Eyes Essentials


Embrace a new skincare routine with youth-boosting favourites that visibly work to enhance skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Age-Defying Essentials

Pregnancy Safe

Specially curated routine that focuses on nurturing your body both during and after pregnancy – a period of great change.

Pregnancy Safe Essentials

Bright Plus

Brighter skin begins here! We have expanded our Bright Plus range with 3 new products to help your skin breathe better and look brighter!

Glowing Skin Essentials


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