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Clarins Singapore: Body Firming

As we age, our skin requires more collagen and anti-ageing products to retain its youthful texture and complexion. This would often cause issues like sagging skin and cellulite. Stretch marks usually appear after pregnancy or weight fluctuations.

If you prefer to use non-surgical methods to overcome these skin problems, a good body firming cream is the way to go. Body firming creams, oils and lotions not only sculpts and contours your body – it helps to moisturise as well.

The best way to use our body firming products and stretch mark creams is to apply on your skin after showering. Slather a generous amount of body firming lotion or cream onto the targeted areas and massage. For better results, do some light exercise after application.

Choosing the Right Body Firming Product

If you’re looking for the best firming body cream, you should try one of Clarins’ most popular firming body oils: Tonic Body Treatment Oil. Made with 100% pure and powerful plant extracts such as Mint, Rosemary, Geranium and Hazelnut Oil, this firming body oil locks in moisture and visibly minimises the appearance of stretch marks. Soon, you’ll notice your skin becoming firmer, smoother and satiny-soft. Its pleasant aroma also evokes a sensation of well-being, making this one of our bestselling body firming products.

The Stretch Mark Control Cream is effective in boosting collagen production and preventing stretch marks. This fragrance-free stretch marks cream also moisturises your body and gets rid of dry patches. The increase of collagen fibres improves your skin’s elasticity and resistance to future stretch marks. This cream is great for soon-to-be mothers, as it helps prevent stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

Concerned about sagging skin? One of the best body firming creams is the Extra-Firming Body Cream as it increases skin density and elasticity over time. Great for dry skin, this age-defense cream helps to reduce the first signs of sagging. It also diminishes fine lines and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Be sure to incorporate our Extra-Firming Body Lotion into your routine for youthful, healthy skin. This body firming lotion restores density as it moisturises for satin-smooth skin all day and night.

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