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75 ml

White Plus White Plus Brightening Hydrating Emulsion

Brightens, hydrates, protects and mattifies skin

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily

Clarins White Plus Brightening Hydrating Emulsion is a super lightweight moisturiser that has a unique hydrating and whitening effectiveness, works had to protect skin from age spots and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. It uses a variety of medicinal ingredients to create a moisturiser that promises to brighten, strengthen and soothe skin. The sea lily extract prevents dark spots from forming on the skin's surface.
The brightening emulsions moisturise, soften and leave the skin feeling velvety smooth, protected against UV rays and hydrated for six hours! Make-up is easier to apply and long wearing.

    How to apply
75 ml
White Plus Brightening Hydrating Emulsion
Glycerine hydrates for more radiance and transparency.
Extracts of spergularia and alchemila slow down hyper-pigmentation for a more even and clearer complexion.
Extract of ginkgo biloba maintains micro-circulation in the skin to imbue it with the pink glow of good health.