Hair Care Tips: How To Fix Dry & Brittle Hair?

Beautiful, healthy hair is an instant confidence booster and may very well be the first thing people notice about you other than your smile, which is why it is important to keep your hair nourished. Dry, brittle hair can easily ruin your day but if you have noticed your once lustrous tresses becoming duller and more brittle with time, then read on to find out how to stop dryness in its tracks and restore your hair to its former glory.

What causes dry and brittle hair?

Brittle hair can be defined as a combination of dry, dull and frizzy hair with split ends. Developing dry and brittle hair is not age-specific and can happen for several reasons. Dry hair usually develops when your hair is unable to retain or get enough moisture, thus causing the outer layer of your hair to break down.

Environmental conditions such as hot climates or overexposure to the sun can cause hair to dry out and lose its lustre, but sometimes the cause may be closer to home. Your hair care practices could possibly be one of the culprits. Excessive hair washing, using harsh hair products, regularly dyeing your hair and using styling tools that require heat such as curling irons or straighteners can all damage your hair too.

If you have practiced good hair care habits all this while and still suffer from a lacklustre mane, perhaps it may be time to consult your doctor, as the underlying cause of your bad hair days may be due to certain health conditions.

Hair care steps to prevent dry and brittle hair

Not everyone is genetically blessed with hair that’s naturally gorgeous and easy to care for. However, hair care for dry hair doesn’t have to be a chore and should not require a dressing table full of products. With help from the following products, you should be able to figure out what your hair care routine lacks and work on how to fix dry hair.

1. Shampoo

A good shampoo is formulated to clean your hair and scalp of oil, dirt, skin particles, dandruff and pollutants that may build up without stripping your hair of its natural protective layers. Nonetheless, you should avoid shampooing your hair every day as it robs your hair of its protective oils. Instead, try shampooing once every alternate day with a gentle, moisturising shampoo such as our Invigorating Shine Shampoo With Ginseng and concentrate on lathering only at the roots to prevent hair from drying out and splitting.

2. Conditioner

Shampooing, though necessary, unfortunately results in the scales that form the outer layer of your hair shaft being lifted – giving your hair a rough, frizzy appearance. Conditioners are one of the easiest steps to take when it comes to the question of how to restore moisture to dry hair. A nourishing and detangling conditioner that targets dry hair such as our Invigorating Shine Hair Conditioner With Shea Butter works to close any hair cuticles that have been lifted, leaving hair full, shiny and easy to comb through.

Conditioner should be applied only to the tips of your hair where split ends are likely to develop. Avoid the scalp area when you condition your hair as it may cause build-up on your scalp.

3. Hair Mask

A hair mask will help to combat heat damage and aid in replenishing moisture to dry hair following hair treatments such as dyeing and perming. Much like a conditioner, hair masks help to lock in moisture into severely dry strands, but they go a step further than conditioner by working their way inside the hair cuticle to repair damaged hair. For dry and brittle hair, look for hair masks that contain shea butter and argan oil such as our Nourishing Fortifying Hair Mask. If your hair isn’t particularly dry, applying a hair mask once a week may be sufficient. However, if you are suffering from brittle and dry hair, it is advisable to increase the treatment to twice or three times a week. Simply massage the hair mask onto your scalp and hair, leave for 5-10 minutes then rinse off thoroughly for shinier, softer and instantly-revitalised hair.

4. Hair Oil

Adding oil to your hair may be the least likely thing you had want to do to your hair because nobody likes oily hair, but hear us out on this one. Adding a hair oil such as our Clarins Nourishing Hair Oil to your hair care routine not only helps to lubricate wet hair to facilitate detangling – they are great sealants and help to coat cuticles to prevent moisture loss and help to protect your hair from heat damage. Extracts of organic Argan and Camellia oil impart a delicate natural fragrance to your hair while simultaneously working into hair cuticles to deliver intense moisturisation to the hair shaft. This lightweight hair oil also brightens up hair without weighing it down. The rule of thumb when applying hair oils is to apply it a little at a time, ensure it is distributed evenly throughout and always avoid applying it near the roots of your hair.

More hair care tips

Using hair care products to help nourish your hair can only do so much if you do not eliminate bad hair care habits. For individuals who use hair dryers regularly, try to set it to a cooler mode if possible. If you prefer detangling your hair while it is still wet, it is best to switch to a wide-toothed comb or a brush that’s specifically designed for detangling.

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