Make-Up Tips: How To Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin Type?

It is a known fact that everyone wants, and dreams of perfect skin. It is the biggest reason why people invest in good skincare to achieve such a flawless and spot-free visage. However, like all things in life, nothing comes perfect. Some may have difficulties in achieving enviable skin due to several factors such as lifestyle, dietary habits, stress and pollution. The good news is that there is indeed a silver lining, and we can, in fact, cheat or create the illusion of perfect skin… by choosing the right foundation for your skin type!

First and foremost, identify your skin type

The first step in choosing the right and best foundation, especially for Asian skin, first must lie in its formulation. Most Asians have normal to combination skin, but depending on the climate, some tend to dip into the drier or oilier side. You could also base your decision on the type of concerns you may have, such as dull or tired skin. Once you have locked down what kind of skin you have, you can look at your options before picking the correct foundation shade. After all, it is not always about which foundation is good, but about which one would suit your skin better.

For normal to combination skin

Nearly all formulas work for normal to combination skin, so that’s one less thing to worry about, and you can then move on to choosing the right foundation shade. Bear in mind that foundations are not meant to match your hands, as your hands are either lighter or darker than the rest of your face. Instead, it should match your neck for that seamless flow of colour and tone.

If your skin is relatively problem-free, but you still prefer a nice veil on your skin, you can opt for a light formulation such as the BB Perfector Cream SPF30/PA+++. It is light enough to create an even finish, while hydrating and brightening skin. Plus, it comes with SPF 30, which is an important element in any skincare or make-up.

For oily skin

If you find yourself getting shiny easily, it is best that you choose a mattifying formulation for your foundation. Granted, it doesn’t require slathering on liquid colour on your face, but if you must, make sure that you top it off with a powder foundation like the White Plus Brightening Powder Foundation SPF 15 PA++. Pat down the shine with this compact powder that will control oil and sebum production for hours, so your skin will always look fresh and flawless.

For dry skin

As dry skin is easily irritated and certain formulations may aggravate it even more, it is important to choose a foundation that treats the skin as well. For this, the Skin Illusion SPF15 is the perfect match for those who are struggling with dry skin. By combining the fluidity of a hydrating serum with the right hint of colour, those with dry skin will be able to achieve that dewy, flawless and ‘my skin, but better’ finish. The formula is also equipped with an Anti-Pollution Complex that will protect your skin from any external aggressors.

For dull or tired skin

Having dull or tired skin may make you look tired or aged, so it is important to choose a foundation that will counter that and restore your skin’s radiance. The Bright Plus Brightening Cushion Foundation SPF 50 foundation will do exactly this, as this cushion foundation will brighten and oxygenate the skin. Upon application, the skin is left looking fresh, glowy and even.

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