Skincare Tips: How To Get Rid of Dark Circles?

If you have spent quite a large amount of time telling people that you are not tired, chances are it is because they notice the dark circles under your eyes. They are common in both men and women, owing to several factors that may even precede fatigue and age, such as genetics, sun exposure, eye strain, allergies and dehydration.

Nevertheless, despite whatever factor that may be causing it, there are certain steps that we can take to get rid of dark circles. There are two methods of going about this; one is a natural, holistic way, and the other is through investing in the right kind of products.

Let’s take a look at how we can remove or reduce dark circles the natural way.

Cold compress

Should you find yourself wandering near a pharmacy or a wellness store, be sure to stop by and pick up a cold compress. This would come in handy during days where your eyes are looking tired, as it can help reduce swelling (if any), shrink dilated blood vessels, and reduce dark circles. If you don’t own a cold compress, wrap a couple of ice cubes in a towel and apply it to the skin under your eyes for 20 minutes.

Get extra sleep

Judging by how demanding the working life can be, most people struggle with getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation is the number one factor of dark circles, so try to get in a good eight or seven hours’ worth of sleep daily.

Try to sleep with your head elevated

Once you are tucked in and ready for bed, make sure that your head isn’t laying too flat on the pillow, as this may cause excess fluid to pool beneath your eyes, directly leading to dark circles. Rest your head on pillows that can support your neck and elevate your head.

Save your tea bags

The next time you are sipping on your green tea, don’t toss the tea bags out. Instead, save them and keep them in the fridge for 15 to 20 minutes. Tea contains caffeine and antioxidants that can help reduce the appearance of dark circles by stimulating blood circulation, shrinking blood vessels and reducing liquid retention. Apply the cold tea bags to your closed eyes for at least 10 to 20 minutes, and rinse with cool water.

Invest in quality products that target the eyes

Home remedies aside, it is worth investing in skincare and make-up products that will help with dark circles. While they will not cure dark circles, they will most definitely help to conceal them. Depending on what your concern is, be sure to get your hands on products that will help relieve symptoms.

For example, if you would like brighter and firmer eyes, the Total Eye Smooth is an expert eye contour care that targets wrinkles, while visibly firming and enhancing radiance. It targets undereye puffiness and dark circles so eyes regain a youthful, revitalised look. Another variation of the eye serum will be V Shaping Facial Lift Eye Concentrate for a visibly brighter, wide awake look. It is designed to visibly reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Those who are struggling to get their fill of a proper 8 or 7 hours of sleep will be able to fake it with products that cool and hydrate the eyes, such as the Total Eye Hydrate which contains Organic Leaf of Life to boost skin’s ability to retain moisture, as well as Irish moss which soothes the skin, and horse chestnut which boost radiance.

For women who often struggle with dark circles and puffy eyes, intensive eye serums like the Total Eye Lift will help reduce the appearance of dark circles, lines and puffiness. Another concern that comes with age is also the prevention of fine lines — so it is best to start earlier in life no matter what your age is. Start smoothing the fine lines around your eyes with an anti-ageing product such as the Total Eye Revive that visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness while smoothing fine lines.

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