Body Care Tips: How to Take Care of Your Feet?

When was the last time you have given your trusty feet any attention? Some of us suffer from ailments such as cracked heels, dry skin or just regular tiredness of the feet – issues that you can easily resolve by properly taking care of your feet. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated process. In fact, it is just a few steps that you can easily integrate into your existing routine. Let’s start with:

5 ways to care for your feet

1. Wash your feet often

Your feet spend many hours of the day ‘trapped’ in the confines of shoes and socks – subjected to stagnant air, moisture and sweat. All these come together to provide bacteria and fungi a hospitable environment that could lead to fungal infections, foot odour or a myriad of skin problems. It can be as simple as a daily wash with soap and water, and proper drying after that. Augment your washing with foot powder to keep your feet dry for a longer period.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Your feet are subjected to plenty of wear and tear on a daily basis, especially when you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle that involves hitting your National Steps Challenge targets. The problem is made worse with our sunny, humid weather – resulting in dry and cracked heels. The solution is moisturising your feet overnight with a foot moisturiser or lotion for dry feet that are suitable for your skin type.

3. Don’t run barefoot

We have already mentioned above how wear and tear of your feet happen daily. By running barefoot, you are exacerbating the issue as your feet don’t enjoy the protection proper shoes and socks can offer, possibly resulting in an even faster rate of feet degradation. In addition, you run the risk of injury from external objects such as sharp rocks or glass during your run.

4. Exfoliate

The benefits of exfoliation cannot be understated. Armed with an exfoliating foot file, you can take off the dead skin and enjoy healthier-looking, softer skin on your feet and prevent foot problems such as calluses or infections caused by clogged pores.

5. Pick foot care products that reflect your lifestyle

Not all foot treatment creams offer the same benefits. The Foot Beauty Treatment Cream is perfectly suited for everyday use to help provide soothing relief for tired feet. If you’re an expectant mother whose tired feet and aching arches need some extra care, the Energizing Emulsion is a great recommendation. Similarly, there are also specialised solutions such as foot cream for cracked heels or cracked feet, if you need something that’s more targeted to your problematic areas.

As a bonus, investing in a Hand & Feet Kit could boost your pampering sessions. This kit contains a pair of ultra-soft gloves and socks made out of bamboo fibres. Should you have extra time on your hands (and feet), wrap your hands and feet, sit back and relax the day away!

When to apply foot cream

Foot lotion works best if they have a few hours to work on your skin. As such, apply it during night-time before bed would be ideal as it would give your skin a few hours to be treated.

How to apply foot cream

Foot cream is something you should apply immediately after you are done with your shower. Start by patting your feet dry, then generously apply your favourite foot cream all over them (except between the toes) while your feet are still damp, and thoroughly rub it in. This helps with the absorption of the active ingredients and maximise the benefits you will derive from this routine.

Put on a pair of cotton socks as they are most comfortable on your skin, in order to lock in the moisturiser and prevent the cream from staining your sheets. For best effects, make this process as part of your nightly routine and you will notice the positive effects soon enough.

Now that you have discovered the fundamentals of foot care, you can look forward to giving your feet the proper care they deserve.

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