Bloating: What are the Causes and How to Reduce it?

Waking up and looking at yourself in the mirror to see a more puffed up version of yourself is a frequent occurrence; we have all been there. How is it that the day before, you were looking trim and svelte with a defined jawline, whereas the next it seemed like everything swelled up overnight? It all boils down to this: bloating.

Causes of bloating

To make matters simple, bloating is brought on by an excess of fluid in your system. What is simply known as the term ‘sushi face’ has been used to describe water retention and the subsequent bloating that is a result of eating high-sodium meals. Pizzas, ramen, and all of our favourite foods that contain refined carbs and sodium are to blame.

Food is one thing, but another culprit is heavy alcohol intake, as alcohol is known to be dehydrating. As a consequence, the body holds on to more water to make up for its loss. A lack of sleep is also responsible for your face and body puffing up, as it will cause the hormones and immune system (specifically the chemicals that are in charge of reducing inflammation) to go haywire.

Countering bloating

Now that we have got the causes out of the way, here are some ideas on how to reduce bloating and get rid of water retention.

Move more

It goes without saying that another way to get your body back on track is to be more active. Getting more exercise is essential to keep bloating at bay and to maintain balance in general.

You are what you eat

Dietary wise, it is good to consume more inflammation-fighting foods such as ginger, zucchini, and coconut, beets, turmeric and lemons. Adding a touch of these inflammation-fighting ingredients will take you a long way, and leave you less puffed up.

Shape and sculpt with make-up

Contouring make-up has been a thriving scene in the beauty industry, so it is a given that this should be in every person’s make-up kit. Using your contour product, sculpt and define the face to get rid of the appearance of bloatedness. Tip: follow the power of ‘3’: use and blend the product around the forehead to the hairline, down to your cheekbones and then finish along the jawline.

Be confident in cosmetics

Products are created to target specific issues and alleviate certain concerns, especially when it comes to face and skin. Naturally, products like the V Shaping Facial Lift and V-Facial Intensive Wrap (formulated with Chinese Barley and Gingko extracts) will be extremely beneficial when it comes to providing immediate results with long-lasting effects on countering bloat and water retention. These products work to eliminate puffiness and drain excess water and toxins almost immediately, so regaining your contours have never been easier.

Do a body check

If you are feeling the effects of bloat and water retention on your face, chances are, other areas of your body might be experiencing the same thing. For this, it is good to have a Body Shaping Cream, which contains Poppy extracts to fight stubborn fat, caffeine for its slimming effect, Hibiscus flower extracts that act as an exfoliant, and Betaine from Beetroot to encourage hydration. For new mummies who are looking to tone and tighten the skin after delivery, this cream would work wonders during that postnatal period — and get rid of any extra cellulite gained during pregnancy as well!

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