Bright Plus

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Combine Bright Plus Fresh Ampoule and Serum to see faster brightening result

Bright Plus Advanced Dark Spot-Targeting Serum

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Bright Plus Fresh Ampoule

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Amp up the brightening effects of Bright Plus by following it with Bright Plus Fresh Ampoule.


see faster brightening result with the serum and ampoule1


Bright plus serum

Bright plus ampoule

Dark Spot Reduction

With Proven Results

Significantly lightens spots, acne marks and improves uneven skin tone.

Before and After of using Clarins Bright Plus Serum Before and After of using Clarins Bright Plus Serum

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Dark spots are caused by various factors. The more common factors are sun damage, hormonal changes and inflammation of the skin.

For best results, apply morning and night before your moisturiser. The entire Bright + collection is created to work together as a full routine for your brightest, most radiant skin yet. For an added boost of radiance when needed, the Bright+ Ampoule can be used as a 7-⁠14 day intensive treatment. We also highly recommend using the Bright + UV Protector to prevent the appearance of future dark spots from sun exposure.

The Bright+ Serum is suitable for all skin types, even senstive skin. It is derived from plant extracts to provide gentle, yet efficient brightening effects.

1 Consumer test, 100 women, 1 month using Fresh Ampoule only, followed by 2 weeks using both Fresh Ampoule and Serum

2 Consumer study – 100 women - 28 days.

3 Self-assessment on a structured scale, 100 women, 28 days of Bright Plus Serum application

4 Illustration/photo of an average case from a clinical test carried out on 27 women showing the effectiveness of sark spot reduction, after 56 days of using Bright Plus Serum. Unedited photos.