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Clarins SG: Face (Skincare)

Searching for a face cream that moisturises, lifts and nourishes? The Extra-Firming Day Wrinkle Lifting Cream is a powerful Clarins moisturiser. It’s one of the best-selling face creams in the Clarins skincare collection because it’s been proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while maintaining the skin’s elasticity.

This skincare product is highly recommended for women aged 40 and above because it contains organic lemon thyme, an essential ingredient that protects elastic fibres and reinforces the dermal support system, along with organic green banana extracts that reinforce collagen fibres. The results are younger-looking skin, fewer wrinkles and enhanced skin elasticity.

The White Plus Pure Translucency Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum is another popular skincare product in Singapore. Formulated with acerola fruits, this serum brightens the skin by slowing down melanin distribution in the epidermis, leading to less pigmentation and fewer dark spots. Apply it in the morning and evening for visible results. Many women have reported that their skin appeared fairer and more translucent after 4 weeks. For the best results, gently pat it onto your face and neck after cleansing your skin and applying a Clarins moisturiser.

The Clarins Double Serum is one of the best-selling facial products in the Clarins skincare range, as it is enriched with healthy plant extracts that employ a hydrolipidic and biomimetic double formula to stimulate the five essential functions needed for youthful skin: hydration, nutrition oxygenation, regeneration and protection. This anti-aging serum firms up the skin, smooths wrinkles and diminishes pores while restoring radiance to dull complexions.

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