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Pregnant and beautiful


Make the most of these days
to pamper yourself and
look after you and your baby.

Stay in tune with your skin

During pregnancy, skin can become drier, duller and even dotted with blemishes due to hormonal changes. Adapt your daily skin care routine to address these new concerns.

DRY SKIN: complement your beauty routine with a moisturising mask.
DULL COMPLEXION: treat your skin to a course of vitamins by applying a facial oil at night before you go to sleep.
BLEMISHES: exfoliate regularly, use targeted products and above all, don't touch the affected areas of your skin.


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Orchidee Blue Face Treatment Oil

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Stretch marks are caused by ruptured elastic fibres within the dermis.
At first they are purplish-pink, and then they become pearly white and permanent. They can occur during pregnancy but also during adolescence, whenever rapid growth takes place.

Your new worst enemy…

Stretch marks

In cases of rapid weight gain, unsightly purplish-pink lines may appear on the stomach, hips, breasts and the backs of arms; anywhere where the skin is overstretched. These are, of course, stretch marks. To minimise and prevent their formation:


Strive to keep it balanced. Reasonable and steady weight gain over the months you are pregnant is advised.


Boost your skin’s resistance by applying a cream or nourishing oil daily. Pay particular attention to the breast, stomach and hip areas. From the six-month stage onwards, apply both morning and evening.

Tonic Body Treatment Oil

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Being pregnant
is no small matter…

Yes, you will gain weight. This is normal and most importantly, it's a sign that your baby is growing. The main thing is to remain toned. Twice a week, consider using an exfoliator to eliminate dead surface skin cells - massage the skin to promote micro-circulation.

Instead of long soaks in the bath, have refreshing showers which help tone the skin.

Don't keep your décolleté hidden

We won't lie, if there’s one thing we are proud of when pregnant, it's our busts! Make the most of these nine months to take care of your breasts - gently exfoliate and apply nourishing treatments every day.


“Help, I'm bloated, and it's not just my stomach!

Don't panic, it's hormonal. During pregnancy, your calves and your ankles are prone to swelling. Yet once you've got your baby in your arms, your legs will return to normal. To relieve these heavy and often painful sensations, swap your stilettos for flat, comfortable shoes; end your showers with a blast of cold water from your feet up to your thighs; walk, and raise your legs while you sleep. Stimulate your circulation as much as possible, and give your legs a refreshing and toning massage using our Energizing Emulsion.

“I am sooo tired and it shows.”


Gently pat the eye contour with Extra-Firming Advanced Eye Contour Cream or Defining Eye Lift to refresh and hydrate the delicate skin around eyes, leaving you looking more rested.

Energizing Emulsion

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Defining Eye Lift

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Extra-Firming Advanced Eye Contour Cream

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“Why don't I book
a massage?”

There's nothing like a massage to ease the tensions related to pregnancy.
It’s safe for you and your baby, provided you take a few precautions:
  • Avoid massages during the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Always tell your therapist how far into your pregnancy you are
  • Check that your therapist has been correctly trained in prenatal massage techniques
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“I don't dare go out in the sun in case I get ‘pregnancy mask’”.

‘Pregnancy mask’ may appear due to the combined effects of hormones and sun, resulting in brown pigmentation spots with irregular contours dotted all over the face. To keep this from occurring, do not expose your skin to the sun and remember to always apply a product from the UV Screen protection range to protect your skin.

HOSPITALSurvival Kit

To conceal signs of fatigue, opt for the winning duo of Beauty Flash Balm and Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask and keep skin glowing with light, fresh make-up. In order to start minimising any possible stretch marks, turn to Stretch Mark Control…

Beauty Flash Balm

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Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask

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Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact


Stretch Mark Control

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“Any make-up tips?”

During pregnancy, you may look tired and your complexion dull. Brighten your complexion by mixing a dab of pink or champagne-coloured complexion perfector in with your regular foundation. Select a blush in a delicate shade and light-coloured eye shadows. For lips that are prone to dehydration during pregnancy, choose a lip balm.


“What next?”

Your baby has finally arrived and you are one happy Mother.
You may feel that your silhouette leaves a lot to be desired but remember that an average of nine months is needed to regain your pre-baby body. Help your body to rediscover its balance with pampering treatments while your baby sleeps: moisturise, tone, and treat yourself...


Exfoliate to firm the skin.


If stretch marks have appeared, don't give up - continue applying an anti-stretch mark cream on a daily basis.


Take care of your bust. If you are breastfeeding, remember not to apply any cosmetic products before feeding your baby.

Exfoliating Body Scrub

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Stretch Mark Control

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Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel

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During pregnancy, you are advised to seek advice from your doctor before using any product. This is because the skin's reactivity can change when under hormonal influence.
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