Body Care Tips: Do Slimming Creams Work?

Slimming creams are prevalent in the cosmetic industry. From slimming creams promising to instantly help you shed excess weight, to permanently eliminating fat and restoring your figure to its youthful state – the varieties are many and often confusing. While there are also options that require invasive, surgical methods, it is always best to try a gentler option such as a slimming cream first rather than take drastic measures to lose the extra weight. However, regardless of which method you opt for, results will vary based on several other factors such as age, genetics, activity levels and diet. Slimming creams can help you shape up into your ideal body silhouette when used in tandem with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How do slimming creams work?

Slimming creams usually contain several ingredients that target fat receptors to prevent further storage of fat. Once absorbed into the skin, it helps promote fat burning, encourages lymphatic circulation and prevents further development of new fat. While there are parties who are sceptical of what seems to be an easier road to weight loss, it does help the process of losing weight when paired with a proper diet and a healthy exercise regime. You can also increase the effectiveness of your slimming cream by massaging it in as opposed to just slathering it on and leaving it as it is. However, it all boils down to the ingredients in your slimming product, be it an anti-cellulite cream, slimming oil or body contour cream.

How to achieve a slimmer silhouette with Clarins

Whether you simply wish to slim down to look good or for health reasons, a healthy diet, well-planned exercise routine and an effective slimming cream can do wonders for your body, skin and overall health. Pair your healthy new lifestyle with consistent use of a body slimming cream such as our Body Shaping Cream that targets problem areas such as your tummy, thighs and buttocks with the help of fat-burning ingredients such as Poppy, Quince and Roselle extracts. You don’t necessarily have to purchase a cartload of different creams that are specifically for stomach fat, thigh fat and more when Clarins’ Body Shaping Cream has it all in one bottle.

When embarking on a weight loss journey, we often forget that our skin will undergo changes as well. Cellulite, stretch marks and saggy skin threaten to cast a shadow over the joy of a newly-slim silhouette. While cellulite and stretch marks tend to gravitate towards the thighs and hips, it isn’t uncommon to find it on more visible areas such as your tummy as well. To prevent that, include a cream to get rid of cellulite into your beauty routine for softer, smoother and flawless cellulite-free skin. Include a cellulite removal cream such as our Body Fit which contains Quince, Celosia, Water Mint and Horse Chestnut plant extracts that effectively target cellulite at its root cause. Use it consistently and the lumps will disappear.

If time isn’t a concern, treat yourself to a luxurious full body massage session with a body treatment oil such as our Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil as well. Made with Hazelnut Oil, Broom, Geranium and Marjoram plant extracts, its aromatic scent helps to calm your mind while a massage’s kneading movements will help unknot tense muscles as the oil’s ingredients penetrate skin to leave you with a velvety-smooth finish. Ladies above the age of 50 may want to add the Super Restorative Redefining Body Care gel to their massage repertoire as it also aids in tightening and lifting slackened skin for a more toned silhouette.

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