Beauty through every stage of Motherhood: from pregnancy to delivery.

A new love story is beginning.
Whether you’re expecting or have already welcomed your baby into the world, Clarins will help you feel beautiful at every stage of motherhood.

You most likely have many questions about how and why you should take care of yourself during your pregnancy.
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Important note: Clarins offer advice on the physical appearance of new motherhood. It is not intended to replace advice from your doctor, gynecologist or physical therapist. They are the ones treating you and they know you. They are qualified to make the final judgment on what you can and cannot do for your health. The advice given here is based on the manual by Jacques & Olivier Courtin-Clarins titled “Pregnancy, the most beautiful days of your life.”

Beautiful Pregnancy Set

Beautiful Pregnancy Set





During pregnancy

Dark spots – irregular complexion – pregnancy mask

Fatigue – lack of radiance

Dehydrated skin

After delivery


Clarins Essentials




Prepare the skin

During pregnancy

Loss of bust firmness

Tired legs / heaviness

Stretch marks

Loss of skin firmness (for non-breastfeeding women)

After delivery

Weight gain

Loss of firmness

Plants that pamper!

The best of nature in our skin care musts for mums-to-be

Beauty through plants

For more than 60 years, Clarins has taken a pioneering approach to beauty, finding inspiration in nature and putting plants at the heart of all our products. We’ll always choose a natural ingredient over a chemical one, if it delivers the same level of effectiveness. All our researchers follow this golden rule when designing our innovative new products.


Nature :
A laboratory of ideas

Clarins Research has developed a unique knowledge of plants thanks to its team of ethnobotanists who travel the world, observing and studying plants and their traditional uses and imagining how they might be incorporated into the innovative skin care and beauty products of tomorrow.

Discover more about where the plants come from

The Science of Plants

Every plant that arrives at Clarins laboratories is analyzed, deciphered, tested and eventually selected if it has demonstrated its effectiveness. Clarins Research uses all the resources of science to discover the cosmetic properties of the plant’s active substances and study their interactions with the skin.

Plants have always been essential to my products and central to my thoughts and preoccupations.”

Jacques Courtin-Clarins

Discover some of our plant-based essentials here

  •   Turmeric

    Double Serum

    This product keeps the face looking younger, longer, thanks to its 21 powerful plant extracts.

  •   Field mint

    Tonic Body Treatment Oil

    Made of 100% pure plant extracts and enriched with Rosemary and mint, this oil helps to prevent cellulite.

  •  Centella
    Green Banana

    Body Partner

    Gentle stretch mark cream that targets stretch marks and soothes the skin.

Clarins, a committed brand

Learn about our commitments to children and nature.

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The perfect treatments for pregnant mums

60 years ago, Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened an Institute in Paris, in which physiotherapists and beauty therapists started practicing his exclusive new massage method which revolutionized face & body treatments.

Jacques Courtin-Clarins

It is a technique born of observation, what I call the communication of touch.”

Jacques Courtin-Clarins

Make the most of your me-time during pregnancy and after

At Clarins Skin Spa

At Clarins Skin Spa

Clarins Skin Spa at ION have one specific pregnancy treatment offering specially-adapted techniques, high-performance products and expert advice.

Clarins Skin Spa Treatments

Clarins Skin Spa Treatments

The perfect combination of plant-based products and exclusive, 100% manual methods, our treatments deliver well-being and proven effectiveness.

Clarins Listens And Learns.

Listening to our customers has always been an integral part of our brand’s story. Thanks to you, we’ve developed the products you trust and turn to at every stage of life.


What Mums loved yesterday…

  • 2 years ago, I enjoyed a Clarins pregnancy treatment. Under my therapist’s gentle, precise and caring touch, I felt my baby move for the first time! A moment I’ll never forget.”


  • I started using Clarins since my first trimester and have used up several tubes. It’s perfect for everyday use as it is not oily or sticky. I have given birth now and there is no stretch marks at all.”


  • I have used it throughout my pregnancy and as a post-natal body care. It helps to reduce stretch marks and tone my body. I also love the texture which absorbs easily. It’s highly recommended!”



What Mum’s love today!

  • I applied it religiously everyday throughout my pregnancy and I was relieved to see that I do not have any stretch marks after giving birth!”


  • This product is my little piece of luxury after every shower. I apply it to my belly, chest, hips and thighs daily even after my pregnancy. It keeps my skin beautifully moisturised and my showering routine feels incomplete without it!”


  • I have used the Stretch Mark Control Cream for both my pregnancies and the results have been impressive! It works very well for stretch marks around the bust area too!”


Beautiful Pregnancy Set

A collection of must-haves for mothers-to-be to maintain their skin tone, elasticity,
and to relieve fatigue and fluid retention.