After sun, an essential product for your beach bag!

How should you choose an effective after-sun cream? Clarins offers a range of after-sun products. These products ensure optimal comfort for your skin after exposure to the sun and prolong the radiance of your tan.

Why use after-sun products?
After exposure to sunlight, the skin is weakened and it is often dehydrated and dry. Using an after-sun product allows the skin to regenerate and reduces the risk of signs of ageing caused by exposure to UV rays. With its reparative properties, after-sun soothes the skin and prolongs and perfects your tan. Available as a gel, a cream or a balm, after-sun provides relief for sunburn and makes you feel cooler.

Choosing an after sun product
To restore your feeling of well-being, Clarins suggests you choose the product best suited to your skin type and your needs.
For the face and décolleté, go for the Repair Booster which is enriched with extracts of soothing mimosa, making it the perfect choice. After exposure to sunlight, mix 3 to 5 drops of Repair Booster with your Clarins day cream and apply on the face.

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