Sunscreen specially designed for the body

Clarins offers a full range of total sunscreen products specially designed for the body. These sunscreen products should be used daily when on holiday for an even tan and to protect your skin from sun damage.

Which sunscreen to choose?
Whether you’ll be in the sun only briefly or for a long period of time, whether you have a pale or an olive complexion, you need to choose the sunscreen that best suits your needs. So for pale skin that tans easily, a sunscreen such as Brightening Body Veil SPF 20/PA ++ is perfect when exercising or playing sports as it’s not greasy on the skin and its light, fluid texture makes it particularly easy to apply.
Pale skin or skin that burns easily will need a higher level of protection. Sunscreen with an SPF 50 is designed for longer periods of intense exposure to sunlight and would be a better choice in this case. Clarins recommends using Sunscreen Care Milk-Lotion Spray Very High Protection UVB/UVA 50+.

When and how to apply your sunscreen
In order to optimise the effectiveness of your sunscreen for the body, it is recommended that you apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before going out in the sun as this is how long it takes for the product to penetrate the skin. It is advisable to pay particular attention to those areas that receive the most exposure and are most sensitive: shoulders, knees and the tops of the feet. Apply the screen generously and uniformly. Reapply after swimming or about every two hours otherwise. Sunscreen also allows you to get an even, golden tan. Clarins recommends staying out of the sun during the very hot hours between 12 and 4 o’clock.

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