Under-eye care, the perfect remedy for signs of fatigue

Clarins has a range of under-eye products that improve the skin’s firmness, leaving it looking fresh again. These products minimise circles under the eyes and dark spots, making them the perfect remedy for eyes that have been active since the early hours of the day.

Which eye-care product should you choose?
A good under-eye product will reinvigorate and restore the skin around the eyes, enhancing their appearance. It should be light and not greasy. Enhancing Eye Lift, for example, has extracts of Zerumbet Ginger which helps to minimise the appearance of dark circles.

How to apply your under-eye product
Every morning before you put on your make-up, apply the under-eye product to any imperfections or circles beneath your eyes using your ring finger. Apply the product from the corner of the eye outwards in small amounts using a gentle patting action. Its light texture ensures that it penetrates the skin quickly.

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