Body Care Tips: How to Take Care of Your Hands?

A show of hands: do you know how important your hands are? Your hands function as a way to interact with the world - from shaking hands when you meet someone new, to expressing your excitement when you talk, or picking up something and admiring it up close.

For all that your hands do for you, do you take care of them properly and have a proper hand-care routine developed? Are you using a suitable hand cream, hand moisturiser or hand lotion? If neglected, your hand’s skin may start developing issues such as dry, cracked skin and may even need medical help!

Rest assured, there are a few simple steps you can incorporate into your routine to give your hands the care they deserve.

Hand care tips

  • Protect your hands from the elements

  • Give your hands some protection when you are going to expose them to potentially harsh conditions. Put on gloves before working with harsh cleaning products, as well as when and if you are gardening to protect your hands and nails. On top of that, do apply hand care products with sunscreen when you are going out in the sun.

  • Wash your hands and use better soaps

  • Regularly washing your hands is a simple way to keep them clean and keep them from spreading bacteria or viruses. With that said, you also shouldn’t be overdoing the washing. Washing too much, especially with water that is too warm or with unsuitable products, can cause the skin on your hands to dry out. To avoid drying out your hands.

  • Pat dry, not rub!

  • Done washing your hands? Pat them dry with a clean towel. Don’t rub as it could damage your skin.

  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

  • Moisturisers such as hand cream help lock in moisture that your skin desperately needs in order to maintain a healthy state. They also help form a protective barrier to minimise the damage to your hands. Make this part of your daily routine for the best effect. To start getting into this habit, keep a tube of hand cream like the Wonder Fig Hand Cream or the Sweet Neroli Hand Cream in your handbag so you can apply it on your hands whenever you can. These non-greasy, hydrating hand creams come with a lighter yet moisturising texture. Plus, you will end up with nice-smelling hands!

Importance of hand creams

You might be surprised to learn that your regular body cream isn’t formulated for your hands. You need to opt for a suitable hand cream for the deep moisturising and protection your hands deserve. Some benefits hand cream can offer includes:

  • Supple, hydrated skin

  • From regular use of hand cream (such as hand cream for dry hands if you have dry skin, or hand softening treatment if you prefer that extra soft touch), you will enjoy having softer hands.

  • Heal damaged skin

  • Good hand creams contain active ingredients that work to repair and protect damaged skin. It also helps that they come with subtle fragrance, leaving you feeling good about your hands. Not a fan of scents? Hand creams also come with unscented varieties.

  • They are good for your nails too

  • Let’s not forget to also care for your nails. A good hand and nail treatment cream, such as the Hand & Nail Treatment Cream can give you stronger, longer and healthier nails, especially with daily use.

When to apply hand cream

The rule of thumb is to apply hand cream regularly, twice a day – ideally after showers. You should apply hand cream more often if you are going to be in contact with certain activities such as washing, exposure to chemicals, and ideally, immediately after you are done with said activity.

With that said, you can also apply hand cream whenever your hands are feeling dry or dehydrated, perhaps with your favorite shea butter hand cream like the Hand & Nail Treatment Lotion With Shea Butter as a special treat!

How to apply hand cream

While there isn’t a ‘correct’ way of applying hand cream, try focusing on getting a thicker layer of hand cream applied on the back of your hands. The skin there tends to be thinner compared to your palms and is more exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

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