When should I start using an anti-wrinkle cream?

Time waits for no one and ageing is inevitable. However, you don’t have to put up with the ravages of time on your skin if you start your anti-wrinkle regime early. “When should I start using anti-wrinkle cream?” is a common query when it comes to this popular age-defying remedy. The first signs of ageing often begin to show in your early 20s, particularly around the age of 25, hence you should start using anti-wrinkle creams long before fine lines, crow’s feet and laugh lines start to make their appearance. Using anti-wrinkle cream doesn’t just benefit those who are already battling the occurrence of the dreaded lines, but it also helps to prevent sagging skin that occurs as the collagen and elastic fibres beneath the skin start to deteriorate. There really is no specific time for when you should start using anti-wrinkle creams but early intervention can prevent a host of skincare issues from cropping up in the future. After all, everyone would love to age gracefully.

Skincare For The Youthful 20s

When you approach your 20s, it may seem like your skin is in its prime but the opposite is actually true. Your lifestyle, diet, hormonal changes and even environmental pollution can affect your skin, making anti-wrinkle creams a must-have in your skincare regime for the benefit of your skin. Start using anti-wrinkle creams that contain antioxidants to combat the damage of daily stress and free radicals such as the Multi-Active Day Emulsion for Normal to Combination Skin. Designed to help your skin keep up with your hectic lifestyle, it makes use of the power of Organic Teasel and Myrothamnus to reverse the damaging effects of daily stress and boost the radiance of your skin. If you need a night-time option for some skin plumping action as you sleep, Clarins offers two versions of their popular Multi-Active Night Cream, the Multi-Active Night Cream for Normal to Dry Skin and a Multi-Active Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin.

Skincare When Approaching The Big 30

If your age is edging closer to the big 30, it is advisable to start using anti-wrinkle creams that are capable of putting the spring back in your skin such as those from our Extra-Firming range. Pat on a layer of Extra-Firming Day cream before you head out for the day, or if your skin requires extra hydration, the Extra-Firming Day Comfort Cream will provide the additional hydration your skin needs while simultaneously revitalising and firming skin. Applying anti-wrinkle creams shouldn’t merely stop at once per day, you need consistent application for it to show results hence it is advisable to apply a follow-up anti-wrinkle cream such as the Extra-Firming Night Comfort Cream - For Dry Skin before bed.

Skincare For The Graceful 40s & Beyond

Approaching your 40s or 50s doesn’t have to mean resigning yourself to the onset of wrinkles either. Age gracefully with the help of the benefits of anti-wrinkle creams such as our Super Restorative range of anti-ageing creams. Designed to restore the rosy blush and radiance of youth to your skin, this ultra-hydrating range also helps to combat the changes wrought on skin by hormonal changes. Achieve a dewy daytime look with the help of the lightweight Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream which harnesses the power of Roselle, Harungana, Furcellaria and Succory Dock-cress extracts to fight sagging and refine pores all while protecting it from environmental damage. If a more heavyweight hydrating cream is what your skin craves, the Super Restorative Day Cream for all skin types fits the bill with its ability to nourish, smoothen, lift and brighten skin all wrapped up in one jar. Its night-time counterpart, the Super Restorative Night Cream takes over during the night, replenishing your skin at all levels so you can wake up with gorgeous, plumped skin the next day.

Get It Right

There is no complicated how-to when it comes to applying anti-wrinkle creams, simply apply it every morning and night with light pressing motions, working your way from the centre of your face outwards. When you use anti-wrinkle cream, don’t just focus solely on your face, you should also apply it to your décolletage as well. The skin on your neck is just as susceptible to developing fine lines early particularly if you have a habit of bending over to peer at your phone screen, thus it is beneficial to start including an anti-wrinkle cream into your regime before you develop the dreaded text neck.

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