How to reduce bags under the eyes

Let’s face it, nobody likes waking up in the morning to unsightly under-eye bags. To minimise their appearance, discover the cause of eye bags and act now with Clarins’ concealers.

Understanding why we get under-eye bags
We can get under-eye bags for numerous reasons, yet the main culprit is fatigue. Lack of sleep will leave you with all of the tell-tale signs, such as a dull complexion, dark circles and under-eye bags. They can also be genetic or due to medical reasons.

Minimising under-eye bags
The best way to minimise the appearance of under-eye bags is to simply rest.

However, as it’s not often practical to stay inactive for extended periods of time, Clarins has created a skincare range to both hide and limit the appearance of under-eye bags. Clarins’ eye care range is a great solution for hiding signs of fatigue and for looking well rested. Especially the Enhancing Eye Lift which visibly lifts and reduces dark eye circles. For best results, try Clarins draining pressure points application method whilst applying your cream.

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