How to cleanse and care for oily skin

Looking after oily skin should always start with a good cleansing routine that is gentle, yet effective. Clarins has developed products specifically designed for oily skin types to improve your skin’s appearance with mineral and astringent properties, ideal for refining your tone in minutes only.

Gently cleanse oily skin
Reducing the amount of oil produced by your skin doesn’t require harsh chemicals and lotions that can cause many damages to your skin glands, quite the contrary. In fact, using these types of products can worsen the problem, leading skin to produce even more oil. The best skincare solution for oily skin types is to use gentle, balancing products which also take care of your skin’s health.

Which cleansers are best for oily skin?
Removing your makeup every night should be an essential step in any skincare routine, but especially for oily skin. It returns your skin to a healthy balanced state, whilst cleansing your skin of the day’s impurities. Try using one of Clarins’ one-step cleansing lotions and toners, for example Water Purify One-Step Cleanser with Mint Essential Water for oily to combination skin.

Its unique formula is mild and gently cleanses skin by removing impurities and any traces of makeup with a fresh, non-foaming action. At night, be sure to hydrate your skin after cleansing by applying Lotus Face Treatment Oil for oily to combination skin, which seals in moisture whilst you sleep, without any greasy residue.

If you want a more sebum and oil-absorbing product, try the Clarins Truly Matte range, which includes cleansing lotions, serums and purifying face masks. They tend to tighten and refine pores when you apply them, whilst removing impurities and mattifying the skin’s surface.

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