Is skin care the same for contact lens wearers?

Wearing contact lenses makes you aware of just how delicate the skin around the eye is. Because of its hyper proneness to damage, this area requires special care and attention. A deeply moisturizing, gentle cream or gel will do the trick.

If I am a contact lens wearer, which products are best?
There are a variety of products for the eyes designed to moisturize this particularly fragile area. These products have been dermatologically and opthamologically tested to ensure effectiveness. When it comes to dealing with thin areas and sensitive eyes, adequate hydration is extra important for skin that is more prone to damage, and a rich, emollient night cream is key. Eye gels such as Extra-Firming Eye Cream Complete Rejuvenating Cream are also extremely effective in restoring skin’s moisture after daily exposure to the elements and to physical damage from touching and pulling.

When wearing contact lenses, how should I apply my make-up?
Make-up and contact lenses are not incompatible. Apply eye make-up gently and with care. Have your contact lenses in and your face cleansed in preparation for application. Clarins has a range of mascaras and eye shadows in a range of shades specially designed for sensitive skin. Choose a shade of eye shadow to delicately apply to the lid for contour and colour, and then apply mascara to the top lashes for a fresh, highlighted look.

Clarins eye make-up remover for sensitive eyes makes removal easy, quick and gentle. It is also important to remove eye make-up mindfully in order to avoid disrupting the contact lenses themselves.

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