Skincare Tips: How to Tighten and Reduce Large Pores?

Time and time again, we are reminded that we should let our skin ‘breathe’, especially if we are heavy make-up users. However, one may wonder, how exactly does skin breathe? The largest, and arguably, one of the most important organs is our skin, making up over 20 feet in area and contains around 300,000 tiny ‘holes’ which are known as pores. While they are generally invisible to the naked eye, some pores dilate and become more visible.

Causes of large and visible pores

The number one culprit that causes large pores is excess sebum. This is brought on by aggressors such as pollution, UV rays, stress, dietary habits, ageing and smoking, which cause pores to expand around the forehead and nose (the T-zone), as well as the cheeks. In fact, most would notice that these parts of the face tend to get oily.

How to reduce large pores

A good cleanser that is able to cleanse your face of all the excess oil and dead skin cells should be a staple in your skincare regime. Targeted cleansers such as the Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed, Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Combination and Oily Skin and the Cleansing Milk with Gentian, for example, not only get rid of make-up and impurities but with its purifying plant extracts, help to create balance within the skin — keeping it free from excess sebum.

Next, a toner such as the Clarins Toning Lotion would help to purify and hydrate the skin, while also tightening pores and refining the skin’s texture. Its blend of Iris and Sage balances skin’s oil, leaving you less oily skin with a matte finish.

A specific treatment targeting your concerns should be applied after toner, such as the Pore Control Serum. This mattifying serum formulated with mattifying Organic Strawberry Tree exacts, firming Vine Flower cells and exfoliating Tamarind pulp acid help to tighten, purify and exfoliate clogged pores. The result? An incredibly radiant finish with a ‘blur effect’ texture, courtesy of mattifying powders and light-enhancing pigments that truly minimise pores. Complete your skincare regime with your favourite non-greasy moisturiser, and you are all set.

However, if you need the extra help, be sure to rebalance your skin with the SOS Pure Mask once or twice a week, for only 10 minutes. This clay-based mask with Alpine Willow Herb extract helps to absorb excess sebum, counter shine, refine the skin’s texture, and most importantly, reduce the appearance of pores.

Keep the shine away

Although you are treating your pores, that doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid make-up. The right type of product, such as the SOS Primer is the perfect complement to your make-up and skincare routine. Apply it onto the face after your skincare and before make-up so your skin stays matte and flawless. It also works as a skin corrector, effectively combating redness, dullness and dark spots.

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