Skincare Tips: What Are Dark Spots and How To Prevent Them?

Dark spots on the skin, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, can happen due to several reasons. Sun damage, hormonal changes, inflammation, medications, old wounds or even irritation from cosmetic products can cause dark spots. These dark spots usually appear as brown spots on skin and vary in size and colour, ranging from light brown to dark brown depending on the individual’s skin tone. They are usually the same texture as the skin they are on and tend to appear on the back of the hands, back, shoulders and face. Although it poses no health concern, it can blemish an otherwise flawless complexion. So, how do you remove dark spots on your face? Read on below for methods on how to prevent and get rid of dark spots on your face.

Sun Protection

One of the most common causes of dark spot production happens to be sun exposure. Dark spots are our skin’s way of protecting itself from harmful UV rays. Our cells send out additional protective pigments otherwise known as melanin to naturally prevent skin from getting burned.

While getting your daily dose of vitamin D is important, one shouldn’t stay out in the sun for an extended period of time without at least some form of sun protection. Always remember to wear a hat or carry an umbrella to protect the rest of your skin as much as possible even if the sun doesn’t seem to be too bright. Don’t forget to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes with a pair of sunglasses as well. For extra protection, slather on a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or take your pick from Clarins’ range of UV Protection products.

  • 1. UV Protection for Daily Use

Clarins’ UV Plus SPF50/PA++++ Neutral is great for daily use to protect your skin from harsh UV rays and environmental pollution. This ultra-light cream is enriched with plant extracts to help keep skin healthy and promises to deliver a transparent finish without leaving a white cast or oily feel.

  • 2. Sun Care Product for Outdoor Activities

However, if an intense sun care solution is what you need for a day outdoors, the Sun Care Face Cream SPF50+ would be the better option. This hydrating sunscreen works better for outdoor activities such as a day at the beach, swimming or other sporting events as it is water and sweat resistant. Infused with Senna, Plane Tree, Baobab and Pea extracts which are all part of the Clarins [SunPlantComplex], the Sun Care Face Cream hydrates and protects your skin while keeping your skin matte-looking no matter what outdoor adventure you embark on.

Medical Treatments

With guaranteed results, medical treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, cryotherapy and laser resurfacing all seem like a good idea. However, the downside of it is just as costly to your skin as it is to your wallet. Despite being effective, these treatments tend to leave skin severely dehydrated, bruised, inflamed, reddened and even painful to touch from several hours to days afterwards. Nonetheless, if you do decide on medical treatments, it is best to consult a dermatologist on what kind would best suit your skin type and condition.

Cosmetic Creams

Milder and gentler on skin, the usage of dark spot treatment creams is a non-invasive method with a similar effect as medical treatments. The benefit of it is that these treatments are often better for your skin as they do double duty of brightening and nourishing skin.

Cleansing & Clarifying Routine

Cleansing is a crucial step for dark spot reduction. Exfoliating, which is a form of cleansing, can help speed up the shedding of dead skin cells, thus helping to remove the overly pigmented layers gradually and safely without resorting to more abrasive methods such as chemical peels. Use a scrub that’s gentle on skin to prevent further microtears in your skin and try incorporating a cream or gel that targets dark spot reduction for quicker and more visible results. However, do note that if you are using an exfoliating cleanser, it is best to limit usage to twice a week, at most.

Clarins Tip: Use the Clarins Brightening Mousse Cleanser to achieve a more luminous and radiant skin tone.

Targeted Dark Spot Treatment to Brighten Skin

Dark spot treatments such as the Clarins White Plus Targeted Spot Brightener will help to soothe, brighten and even out skin tone, particularly targeting dark spots to reveal a more translucent, flawless complexion.

Amp up the effects of your dark spot treatment by including a skin-brightening serum. The Clarins Bright Plus Advanced Brightening Dark Spot-Targeting Serum delivers a shot of Vitamin C and Acerola extract goodness directly to your skin. Its super-whitening formula is renowned for its unprecedented anti-dark spot fighting prowess. In fact, it halts dark spot formation in its tracks within just 4 weeks of application!

For a radiance-boosting formula that’s suitable for daily use, try a daytime skincare cream such as the White Plus Pure Translucency Brightening Emulsion SPF20 PA+++. It contains Acerola Fruit, White Tea and Meadowsweet extract which help to brighten and mattify skin while simultaneously protecting skin from free radical damage.

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