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Expertise and Innovation in Beauty

Inspired by nature,
guided by science

Clarins Research constantly develops innovative formulas for beauty that respects the world around us as well as your skin.

Safe skincare ingredient produced in safe environment | CLARINS® SG
Our triple requirement


Our first responsibility

Each of our formulas complies with strict criteria that exceed our regulatory requirements and environmental standards. Our ingredients are proven to be perfectly safe, our formulas are rigorously tested and our products are monitored at every stage of their lifecycle.

Clarins skincare product formulated with plant based formula | CLARINS® SG

All Clarins formulas are subjected to over 250 checks during their development.

Safe formulation for Clarins face skincare | CLARINS® SG

Numerous substances have been banned from our skincare products in order to guarantee the safest ingredients
for your skin.

Clarins Skincare formulated to be effective on skin treatment | CLARINS® SG
Our triple requirement


Your first requirement

For nearly 70 years, Clarins formulas have been renowned for their effectiveness. Our laboratories combine the best of nature and science to develop treatments with visible, measurable and undeniable results. This effectiveness has been proven by numerous tests and approved by thousands of people.

Effectiveness tests on Clarins skincare formulation | CLARINS® SG

We carry out up to 900 effectiveness tests for each of our products.

900 effectiveness tests for the skincare formulation | CLARINS® SG

It takes at least 18 months to develop a new formula.

Constantly exploring ways to enhance the sensory qualities of Clarins skincare products | CLARINS® SG
Our triple requirement

A sensorial experience

Joy at the heart
of our treatments

We believe that taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your skin. We are constantly exploring new ways to enhance the sensory qualities of our products with delightful textures, enticing fragrances and unique feelings of comfort. Clarins products are designed to create a moment of pure well-being each time you apply them.

A woman testing Clarins skincare products | CLARINS® SG

More than 6,000 people a year test our formulas during their development and evaluate their sensory qualities

Continuous and responsible innovation

Innovative formulation for Clarins skincare | CLARINS® SG

Do more, do it better and enjoy doing it...

Since our creation, this principle has guided us towards an idea of beauty that is both demanding and responsible. We systematically prioritise plant-based raw materials, while increasingly integrating more organic, local and fair trade ingredients into our products.

Year after year, we develop new products and improve our existing formulas using the latest innovations. This “open” research allows us to work towards more effective, natural and environmentally friendly treatments.

Our key figures

More than 80%

of the active ingredients in our products are of natural origin


By 2025, 100% of our suncare and rinse-off formulas will be biodegradable
to help protect ecosystems.

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The Clarins Green Score: evaluating to improve progress

Before being incorporated into our products, all our raw materials are reviewed using
the Clarins Green Score.

This measurement tool allows us to accurately assess the environmental, social and health impact of our ingredients across a range of criteria. Each formula is then given an overall score, by adding up the scores of the substances it contains.

The goal?
To select the best mix of ingredients to develop safe and effective products that are also respectful of people and nature.

The Green Score to improve skincare formulation | CLARINS® SG
The Green Score to improve skincare formulation | CLARINS® SG

Our key figures

By 2025

Improve the overall score of our products by at least 10%.

The Clarins Green Score

is based on 10 criteria, supported by 18 indicators.

Caring beauty that doesn’t cause animal suffering

Clarins stops animal testing for animal protection | CLARINS® SG

When you love nature, protecting animals is a necessity.

Clarins stopped all animal testing many years ago in favour of alternative state-of-the-art methods. This allows us to guarantee high-quality products that are designed and manufactured with respect for animal welfare.

However, some countries require animal testing, which they carry out themselves to assess the safety of cosmetic products. We are obliged to comply with these regulations, but we are working closely with the relevant authorities to put an end to such practices.