How do I choose a foundation?

Choosing foundation is not always easy. There are several things to take into consideration, including skin type and the desired effect. Clarins has some beauty tips to help you get a perfect complexion, all day long.

Which type of foundation is needed?
It is difficult to navigate your way through the many different foundations available on the market. They don’t all have the same finish and don’t all suit the same types of skin. You could choose, for example, between a liquid and a powder, between BB creams and anti-wrinkle foundation. You have the choice between products suited to dry, mixed or oily skin types. You can also try the different shades of foundations of the Clarins range. All these products will leave you with a smooth, even complexion.

To obtain a perfect result, apply a moisturising product and a base or highlighter before applying make-up. You can find these in the Base and Highlighters range. These products help you even out your complexion and reduce the appearance of flaws, while covering up lines and wrinkles.

Which is the ideal shade of foundation?
The best foundation is the one which is closest to your natural skin tone, or one shade darker. If your complexion is pink, choose a beige foundation. A pink-beige hue is perfect for reducing a slightly yellow skin tone. For dark skin, apricot or dark shades are better.

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