Which full coverage foundation should I choose?

To cover up flaws and maintain an even complexion from morning to evening, choose your full coverage foundation using Clarin’s beauty tips.

Which is the best foundation?
Finding the best full coverage foundation starts with choosing a quality beauty product which suits your skin type. Its texture should be comfortable and allow the skin to breathe in order to maintain a perfectly even complexion all day long.

The Everlasting Foundation SPF 15 is made up of a creamy formula which gives a glowing complexion. Its impeccable coverage corrects imperfections and evens out minor flaws.

How should I apply full coverage foundation?
Before applying your foundation, don’t forget to hydrate your face first. You can then use Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch by Clarins, either before your foundation or blended into it. This product fills in and smoothes out flaws, leading to an even more glowing complexion. Then you can apply your foundation. Start by warming it in your hands, which facilitates application, then dab a little foundation on your chin, cheeks and forehead and smooth it out from the centre of your face outwards. To set the foundation, pat over your face gently with your hand. Following these steps will give you a perfectly natural skin tone, even when using full coverage foundation.

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