How to make-up green eyes?

Not all eye shadows are suitable for all eye colours. This is particularly true for green eyes. If you want flawless make-up for green eyes, there are a handful of shades that can highlight and bring out green eyes.

How to choose the right shade of make-up for green eyes?
There are only a limited number of shades which can enhance and compliment green eyes. Other than white and black, which go with every eye colour, plum, violet, lavender and pink are also perfect choices. For warmer shades, you can opt for beige, khaki or brown.

To enhance the look while remaining within shades which match your make-up for green eyes, you can add a line of Waterproof Eye Pencil in violet, for example. Draw a thin line following the line of the lower, then upper eyelashes, blending them together using the sponge tip.

How to give depth to your look
To further highlight your green eyes, ditch the usual eye pencil and opt for Instant Liner. This eyeliner makes it easy to draw a thin line on the upper lid which will intensify your look.

Complete your make-up for green eyes by applying Wonder Waterproof Mascara. Long-lasting, this mascara carves out the lashes and shapes their natural curve, helping you achieve a beautiful look.

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