How to do simple, basic makeup

Applying makeup should first and foremost enhance our natural beauty and make the most of what we already have. Makeup can instantly transform your face in a few simple steps. Choose the right products for your skin to achieve maximum results and a radiant complexion.

How to apply your makeup perfectly
Whether you want to wear light, natural makeup throughout the day or more dramatic makeup for a sophisticated evening out, you will always need to follow a few basic steps. Start with a moisturising product that will hydrate your skin and provide a base for your makeup to work with. Next, apply a foundation in your skin tone to even out any irregularities or blemishes and create a uniform finish. Applying a blusher to your temple and apples of your cheeks instantly gives you a warm glow. Finish off your look by emphasizing your lips or eyes, depending on the occasion.

Now you know the basics, you can start to choose which products to use.

Which makeup formulas work best?
You need to create a base before applying any makeup. So, depending on your preference and skin type, you can choose from a cream, lotion or serum to prep the skin. If you have mature skin, opt for an anti-ageing formula.

When it comes to foundation, you need to think carefully about your skin type, natural colouring and whether you need to cover blemishes or imperfections. For coverage with a lightweight formula that lets skin breathe, Clarins recommends Everlasting Foundation+ SPF 15. Apply each one using either a powder or foundation brush for best results. Finish off your look with a slick of Supra Volume Mascara to make your eyes pop.

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