The make-up bag for expectant mothers

Drawn features, a tired-looking face, imperfections... There's no denying that your skin changes during pregnancy. How can you give your skin what it needs right now? Follow Clarins’ make-up tips for expectant mothers. Which beauty products should be used by expectant mothers?

Expectant mothers: which cosmetic products should you use?

Feel good with a radiant complexion

It works like magic! Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch fills in and smooths away dilated pores, fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is smoother, and its even texture is the foundation of a flawless complexion.

Here’s a beauty secret to brighten and correct skin tone imperfections while leaving the skin supple and comfortable: SOS Primer. Extremely lightweight with a glide-on texture, it immediately blends into the skin and leaves it soft and even-looking, revealing a refreshed, dewy complexion.

Finally, to instantly camouflage shadowy areas, conceal minor imperfections and brighten the face in targeted areas (such as the brow bone or above the upper lip), Instant Light Brush-On Perfector, an all-in-one complexion corrector-illuminator, is your perfect companion.

Flatter your eyes

Opt for the soft, natural look of skin, nude, beige and pink eyeshadow tones. Avoid mauve and brown tones, which may make your complexion look dull. 4 Colour Eye Shadow illuminate your eyes with very pure colour. The essentials: nude beige, nude pink and rosewood. Don't forget to add the finishing touch with Supra Volume Mascara which instantly lengthens and curls lashes.

4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette



Brighten your smile

Joli Rouge delivers comfort to enhance colour with a sheer finish. Its formula features a mouth-watering fruity fragrance and leaves the lips supple and irresistible. Instant Light Lip Perfector comes in a handy, very easy-to-use stick format and transforms into a creamy, melt-in balm upon contact with the lips. Your lips instantly look plumper and their natural beauty is revealed.