Massage during pregnancy

Clarins invites you to discover the benefits of massage during pregnancy. Pamper yourself with a treatment and benefit from the experience of professionals who cater to the needs of expectant mothers. Indulge in a relaxing experience in tranquil surroundings.

Why is massage so valuable during pregnancy?

Your body requires special attention now more than ever as it copes with the demands and upheaval of pregnancy. During these nine months, you need to listen to your body at every moment. Relaxation, comfort and well-being are key during this special time.

You deserve to make spa massages part of your beauty routine while you are expecting. Massage is the ideal remedy for the bothersome symptoms of pregnancy, helping to soothe backache, relieve tired legs, prevent stretch marks, and keep you serene as you look forward to the arrival of your baby.

Pregnancy massages and treatments by Clarins

Discover our Maternity Spa Treatment today. Clarins invites you to indulge in the benefits of massage during pregnancy at your nearest spa, where a team of specialists is ready to advise you and cater to your needs. Over the course of 75 minutes, our specialists will administer treatments and massage techniques that are specially adapted to your changing body.